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With a procedural framework in place, work on a uniform civil code was begun, which was to take 26 years from the initial drafting until it took force on January 1, 1900.The Commercial Code (Handelsgesetzbuch) came into force on the same date.Most of the materials mentioned here are in German, as any substantive law research will need to be conducted in the vernacular.To assist the foreign researcher though, references have included the translations of German laws and cases as well as select literature and Web sites on German law in English.This includes both commercial, fee-based services as well as sites that are available for free.Special mention should be made of legal resources offered on government websites and on the homepages of major legal publishers.the relations among the individual states and their relations towards the Federation.It extends to, and is crucially influenced by, Germany's membership of the European Union, which by now affords an extensive body of legislation that is binding on its individual member states directly or needs to be implemented in national law.

A draft of a general German commercial code had been adopted by most of the states in the Deutscher Bund (German Union) by 1866.

The sources of the law in Germany comprise statutory law as the central and primary source, which includes the constitution, statutes and ordinances, regulations, decrees and charters. However, in contrast to jurisdictions such as the UK or the US they do not have a precedent function in that courts are not bound to follow the decisions of higher courts in a previous case.

Courts are bound by the law rather than by precedents.

Not included here are business information sources such as commercial and company registers, which supplement research in business and commercial law.

Since the 1990s, the number of legal resources accessible electronically or online has grown considerably.

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