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I slowly began to massage her wet cunt with my fingers. She loved my oral skills and pushed her pussy into my face. I slid up to her with her delicious love juice on my face. I had to stop her and settle down before I blew my load. I lined up my throbbing cock to her sweet vagina and her lips opened up for me. But, it did, deeper and deeper I plunged, picking up speed and she started coming again. I knew that I couldn't take to much more of this and felt my first orgasm building up inside. My body shook and I was soon shooting load after load into Mom's pussy. Eventually my orgasm slowed down and I fell on my hot sweaty mother. She squeezed her pussy muscles tight on me and my cock slid out.

We kissed again for a minute then I had to burry my face in her snatch. I pressed harder on her clit and made her squeal with delight. I wanted to penetrate that innocent tight pussy of hers and ride her from here to eternity. "Oh honey, I love you so much, I want to feel your cum inside me for the first time. Soon I was all the way in and began to give it to her good. Mom and I were fucking like wild animals and she was screaming out loud.

My Mom liked her a little bit more than my High School honeys but wasn't to crazy about her. I not only loved the sex we had but was falling in love with Tammy. I paid closer attention to my Mom and she always wanted to do stuff with me. I began to wonder if my Mom had a guy on the side, I didn't think so. I never saw any guys around and she never seemed to be on the phone with any guys ever! She saw me adjust my cock in my pants and slightly smiled. You wanna do some yoga with me, I have a new yoga video I want to try." "Uh sure, let me change I'll be down in a minute." I went upstairs, put on some loose shorts and a tight tee shirt. I wanted to let her know, I was hot for her, without freaking her out. I just stared for a second, being bold and acting shy. Her stretch pants were pulled up tight, leaving nothing to the imagination. I really wanted her to know that I was horny for her now, more than ever. " "No I mean, hot like sexy." "Oh your sweet honey, I don't feel that sexy." I worked my way up to the back of her thigh and worked the muscles of her precious legs.

I'm a good looking 19 year old guy now, with a decent body. Some woman, I guess can just turn off there sexual urges better than guys. I was curious and had to ask her when the time was right, if she was seeing anyone. I wanted to see her in all the yoga positions there was. I entered the room as she was putting the DVD in the player. Her breasts looked amazing and the nips were protruding a bit. "Yes, I'm ready." "Stand here next to me and see if you can do this, I bet you will be great at it." I tried my best to keep up with the video and did Ok. I was watching her most of the time and Mom kept smiling at me as if she approved my stare. "Son sit down for a second and let me rub you out." I just wanted to rub one out looking at her sexy little camel toe. Then she began to rub my shoulders and it was erotic for me. "You are sexy, trust me." "Thank you sweetie, your to kind." I had to let her know I was feeling super horny and I did.

I live in the same neighborhood with Adonis, and considered ahead of time that it happen that we’d run into each other. In my opinion, it is not nice to ignore people if they’re an object of your affections. He’s at the same school he started at when he was three, and it’s crazy to see how all the kids have changed in what feels like literally a FEW years to me. At a time like this, I would have enjoyed sharing the fun of seeing the cousins together with Tim’s Dad. "Mom, why don't you lay down on your yoga matt and let do this right." "You don't have to honey, that was good enough." "No really, your tense and it will help." I protested "Ok, Dr. I rubbed and massaged her lower back and she moaned a little. I was hoping she could feel the hardness she created. I sat on her butt and kept most of the weight on my knees so she would feel comfortable. I worked my way down her back, just above her sweet little butt. He’ll ignore my texts until he wants to talk to me. I went to a breakfast cafe with Tim for a fun mom-and-kid breakfast. This is the kind of stuff I used to get heavy input from Tim’s dad on. In between dates, we have been practically strangers to each other. If we can’t talk intelligently about what’s going on in the world, forget it. I also have weeks of vacation saved up at work, and only need to make a plan in order to be on the road somewhere. But for some reason, I am having a terrible time committing to any particular plan for weekend trips or longer vacations. On the surface, it’s just indecision, but if I sit with my feelings a little bit I realize I’m feeling alone.

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